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      Linda Wei ( )

VP Education:

      Clara Chen )

VP Public Relations:

      Jenny )

VP Membership:

     Felix Wu )

Co - counselor

- Tim C

     Tim is a graduated student at UBC, and is currently doing research in weather modelling. He has been a Toastmaster for two years, and has competed in a variety of speaking contests, including the Fall 2017 District 96 Tall Tales Contest in Whistler, where he placed first. He was also previously an instructor for the Air Cadet program, and has taught public speaking and aviation to youth. Tim believes that public speaking should be about connecting with the audience using the speaker’s unique style and message. His golden rule:" always take your words seriously, but never take yourself seriously!”

Co - counselor

- Deborah 

      Deborah has been a Toastmaster for 7 years at club 59. She has taken on a number of officer roles including VP Membership, VP PR, VP Education and President. She also tries to get involved with Toastmaster stuff outside of the club level including being the instructor at Speech Crafters, being the Co-Chair for the District Conference and being the adult Toastmaster for Gavel Club.  

One of Deborah's favorite things about Toastmaster is competing. She has competed almost every year since she joined. She thinks that to competing at the District level was an amazing experience for her. It was a great experience especially being supported by my club, family and friends.

In addition, in her professional life, she is currently working in Commercial Real Estate.


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